Insurance investigation

Insurance investigation allows to demonstrate a possible insurance fraud.

The insurance survey conducted by a private investigator is a major asset for insurance companies and mutuals.

The insurance survey allows:

  • to demonstrate insurance fraud (insurance scam)
  • to accurately verify the circumstances of a loss that resulted in harm
  • to find the beneficiaries of life insurance policies in default. (Eckert Law)

The intervention of the private investigator is preceded by the passage of an expert, have relegated inconsistencies in the claim.

The investigator is responsible for defending the interests of a company or mutual insurance company.

In France, insurance fraud accounts for about 2.5 billion euros. There are many cases of insurance fraud:

  • A restaurant deliberately set on fire by its owner who wants to be reimbursed.
  • An individual who perceives daily indibles exercising in addition, another activity or his own activity.
  • An individual who is the victim of a road accident who perceives indemnities when he no longer has any after-effects.
  • False statements to conceal the real circumstances of a disaster.

The private detectives of the Prometheus Group implement strategies adapted to the request :

However,the insurance survey may be in favour of taxpayers. This is the case with life insurance contracts that are in default.

The private detectives of the Prometheus Group are trained in all the investigative techniques related to the insurance investigation.

Enquête d'assurance

What the law says in Insurance investigation !

The insurance scam is a criminal offence under French law, punishable by a five-year prison sentence and a fine of 375,000 euros.

It comes mostly from a false claim by the insured to his insurer, made for the purpose of receiving compensation.

Cases of health insurance fraud are usually due to the accumulation of daily allowances and paid activity by an insured, following a work stoppage.

They may also beunjustified and abusive work stoppages.

The insurance scam!

Why prove an insurance scam?
The private investigator's goals!

Defined in section 313-1 of the Penal Code, insurance fraud or fraud is the deceit of a natural or legal person for the purpose of being given funds.

Also according to Article 427 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, a company or mutual insurance company victim of a escoquerie must provide proof.

Insurance fraud is a number of things:

  • Voluntary fire of one’s own property to collect indemnities (restaurant, cars, building)
  • False statement to the Police (Road accident, vehicle theft)
  • False insurance accident report (To benefit from personal injury indemnisations)

The role of the private investigator is to fix evidence of insurance fraud to defend the interests of a company or mutual insurance company.